Frenzy Flowers is a free match 3 game with cute visuals and a myriad of levels and challenges, each with their own explosive action twist.

Frenzy Flowers is a free game available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows/Windows Phone

Download the Press Kit How to play Frenzy Flowers

Unstoppable action

Start your frenzy adventure with this flower themed match 3 game to unleash the power of pure action experience right away! Never ending fun and excitement! Jump in the garden and match your way through loads of levels and challenges in this free frenzy match 3 adventure. Join us on the holiday of a life time and get free updates, including new level packs and challenge modes.

Cute and cuddly graphics

Sweet and funky UI & cool animation effects

Different play modes

Three game modes: Levels, Exploration, Survival
Frenzy Flowers has over 100 spectacular levels of increasing difficulty making the game very intense and thrilling.

Powerful boosters and upgrades

Unlock different powerful items and boosters to help you get a HIGH SCORE!

Frenzy Flowers Reviews & Ratings

I’m getting mad at this game. Very funny game, I love it. Just you have to tap over a lot. LOL

Nastenche, USA

Very creative game! It’s amazing! Never seen the elimination games that are so fun!!!

玉琪, China

So I’ve tried playing for almost an hour now and it just started working. The game is fun to play,it’s just a bit hard to ajdust to the tempo when you first play it. It is not slow at all and you better keep that in mind.

Alex Vega, USA

Free, fun and definitely addictive! Although I think this getting a little bit repetitive but my 5 year old loves it and the little guy is very cute.

Kamilla Jones, USA